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    Discovery - SWAP area desappeared

    Edison Santos
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      Hi Guys!


      My Discovery SWAP area was disappeared. It is not displayed on ADMIN/DISK CONFIGURATION anymore and I don't know the reason why it was disappeared.


      I've tried to create a new swap area manually and on OS it seems to be OK (swapon --show), but, it still not appearing on Disk Configuration from UI/Admin.


      Can anyone give some help? What is the correct way to recreate SWAP area using a Discovery tool?


      Best regards,


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          Edison Santos

          Hi Guys!


          I still don't know why the SWAP area was disappeared, but I reconstructed it on disk /dev/sad2 with LINUX commands and it seems working fine now!


          The DEVICE was still there (fdisk-l) and I only needed to reconfigure it :


          Checking Disks:


          1. fdisk -l

            # Response:


              /dev/sda2            /dev/sda2        1538048  18315263   8388608  82  Linux swap / Solaris


            # it was showing "/dev/sda2"  as "Linux swap"


          2. swapon --show

              # response is empty


          3. dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda2 bs=1024 count=8048576;


          4. mkswap /dev/sda2


          5. swapon /swapfile


          6. swapon --show

            # response is not empty anymore


          7. edit file: "/etc/fstab" and inserted line: "/dev/sda2 swap swap defaults 0 0"


          8. sudo swapon --show

            # reponse now is not empty anymore:

                NAME        TYPE        SIZE  USED  PRIO

                /dev/sda2  partition    8G      40K      -1