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    Delta Data Migration| CTM: People Records are not matched

    Rajeev Rai
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      I did migration of records using BMC delta data migration  tool from 7.6.1(Prod) to server), Where I found following error for several records see below error log of DDM Tool:


      05/20/2019 04:36:39 5908 ERROR Migrations 04:36:39 : An error occurred with Data 'CTM:People'

      05/20/2019 04:36:39 5908 ERROR Migrations 04:36:39 : [4]-[9736]-[Merge Entry ID mismatch. Merge option was to return error on ID mismatch. Form : CTM:People, Entry Id : PPL000000067465]


      but Problem is that when I search this "PPL000000067465" on staging server, that exist with different user record,which user is already exist on prod with different PPL ID Like Example"PPL000000067624" this way I found a chain so how to delete or update those records so that both server show same records on behalf of PPL ID.



      How to resolve this problem.Please suggest to me.