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    TS Synthetic - Browser Based Script - Execution Error

    Swarna M
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      Hello Team,


      We are using Truesight 10.7 & agent version being same. Agents are process based agents as recommended by BMC. In synthetic monitoring, browser based application transactions, Some times we are noticing below execution error in our transactions.



      Execution Errors ( 1 )

      LoadtestController: 3513 - Command <execute transaction> is currently not possible. Start load test controller first. ERRID -37 : Project aborted. Underlying script engine error. Project will be initialized next execution cycle."

      This is not continuous one, there will be an availability issue with below type of availability errors.




      Availability Errors ( 2 )

      Info(BrowserEngine: 8 - Operation failed, starting failed)
      BrowserStart(BrowserEngine: 7 - Startup failed, Failed to start the core.)

      Any inputs on why these kind of errors appear would be appeciated.