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    Integration of TrueSight with SLACK

    Abhay Bhagat

      Dear Experts ,


      Did anyone integrated TrueSight Operations Manager with Slack . Where work happens | Slack


      Let me know the feedback




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          Brendan Murray

          Hi Abhay,


          It always helps if you specify the direction and type of integration you are looking for. I will assume you want to send events from TSOM into a Slack channel.


          I did this integration recently in a Proof of Concept using a Python script. The first step is to set up an incoming webhook in Slack using the Slack API. You can find the instructions for this here.


          Once you have the webhook set up, you can test it with a REST client like Postman. Once you are sure it is working, then you can modify the URL in the Python script in the attached zip file to use the URL for your webhook. (The URL currently in the script is just a placeholder.)


          The attached zip archive contains the following files:


          mc_actions.mrl - A Remote Action definition that allows a TrueSight Console operator to send an event to Slack on command.

          send_to_slack.cmd - A Windows command file wrapper for the send_to_slack Python script.

          send_to_slack.mrl - A new rule that sends events to Slack if they have "sendtoslack" in the mc_object slot.

          send_to_slack_v1.1.py - A simple Python 2.7 script that takes a small set of TSIM slot values from the Windows environment, formats them for Slack and posts the result to a Slack channel.

          TSOM Event Integration with Slack.docx - A Microsoft Word document that explains the integration in more depth.


          Note that this integration was built for TSIM running on Windows. You will need to make some minor changes if your TSIM server runs on Linux.





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