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    Math in File System Mount Query

    David Morin

      I have a data query the returns good results but I want to perform some math on the results that will show me the data in GB.  Once I have that I wanted to look at the Percentage used.


      My query is as follows:

      SEARCH Host

      SHOW name, sumValues(toNumber(replace(toText(#Mounter:FileSystemMount:MountedFileSystem:FileSystem.size), 'None' , '0')))

      AS "Size",

      sumValues(toNumber(replace(toText(#Mounter;FileSystemMount:MountedFileSystem:FileSystem.used), 'None', '0')))

      AS "Used"


      This produces good results (think the numbers are in kb)


      I would like to turn that kb output into GB, then make a percentage out the utilization.


      Version 10.2


      Is this possible to do in this version?  I am not sure how to do that Math in these queries.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.