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    HTTP Status 500 - An exception occurred processing JSP page

    roman viloria
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      hello everybody


           i have this issue, when i saw the TEA Agent View


      and put in to click in the Syn ID, appers this error:



      by other side in this view i can't delete the others te agent, also one is active when it's not true.

      if i tray to update, didn't work:


      what must i do to this issue?



      portal logs:

      May-20-2019 14:50:15 CLT [com.bmc.aps.commonserver.performance.PerformanceManager] [main] [INFO] - Enabled

      May-20-2019 14:50:15 CLT [PGSQL_HA] [main] [INFO] - Configured database server as [HA_DISABLED]

      May-20-2019 14:50:15 CLT [HA] [main] [INFO] - Setting high-availability mode to [HA_DISABLED]

      May-20-2019 14:50:15 CLT [portal] [main] [ERROR] - Failed to initialize Portal

      java.lang.IllegalStateException: Port number for HTTPS connector [8100] is not available

      at com.bmc.aps.commonserver.CommonServerImpl.addHttpsAuthenticatedConnector(CommonServerImpl.java:354)

      at com.bmc.aps.commonserver.CommonServerImpl.<init>(CommonServerImpl.java:174)

      at com.bmc.aps.commonserver.factory.CommonServerImplFactory.getCommonServer(CommonServerImplFactory.java:31)

      at com.bmc.aps.portal.Portal.bootstrap(Portal.java:126)

      at com.bmc.aps.portal.Portal.init(Portal.java:104)

      at com.bmc.aps.portal.Portal.main(Portal.java:339)

      May-20-2019 14:50:15 CLT [portal] [main] [INFO] - Stopping the portal

      May-20-2019 14:50:15 CLT [portal] [main] [INFO] - Portal stopped