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    Problem to close a windows in Requester console

    Natalia Cuesta
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      Hi all,


      Your help please, we create an active link to generate a message when an option is selected in the menu of the applicant's console, and when closing the window we need to close the window, in the developer in the option run if we select the option Close all Windows and the windows do not close, how can I make the windows close?


      Best regards,


      Natalia Cuesta

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          Jai Shori

          Not sure if I really understand the use case but below is what I am assuming.


          - I have one primary form. On that primary form I have a button. When I click on that button it opens another dialog form and in this dialog form I have a menu field.

          - In the menu field , I click on drop down and will select an option and it display a message.

          - I read the message and click on OK.

          - Now, your requirement is, as you click on OK it will close the message window plus Dialog form window and takes you to the primary form?

            If above is your requirement then try to use 'commit changes' as action 1 and  'Close window' as action 2 in your active link and check the result.