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    Has anyone experience in creating own Widgets in Smart IT, or other ways to customize it?

    Tamara Ehmoser
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      Hi guys!


      Some of our customers are used to customizations in Remedy and for some of them Smart IT is way too inflexible at the moment because they would loose a lot of functionality.

      This situation is really causing problems because the customers cannot switch to Smart IT due to missing flexibility, and on the other hand they are complaining that MidTier is too old-fashioned and users are demanding a more modern UI, and now they are thinking about switching to other products.


      To avoid loosing Remedy-Customers, we start now to dig into Smart IT and see if we can customize it somehow. E.g. we would like to develop own Widgets and identified some Remedy-Forms where this information is stored and where we can see JSON-Calls that are generated to get additional data, but we don't know yet how this is all related. I heard that creating widgets is on the roadmap, but we need that now, not within the next years...


      So if anyone has any experience with customizing Smart IT in any way (e.g. building new widgets, show information from other forms on the Incident in Smart IT, ...), please let me know.


      Thanks & Regards, Tamara