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    verification on backups

    Roger Bayne
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      Performing backups on a 3 member cluster and getting this error on verification.


      Discovery_Appliance-02: Verification of archive addm_product_content_rpms.tgz failed

      Member file product_content/tideway-content-1.0.2019.03.1-764411.ga.noarch.rpm appears to be corrupt

      Discovery_Appliance-03: Cannot read file data/datadir/p0002_nHost_hist from archive file /tmp/tmpNrFiPh/Backup/2019-05-17_000619_addm_backup/3cf818365567e7ae81667f00000104b9/addm_datastore_data.tgz

      Unexpected end of stream


      they seem to be archive items? Are these items to be concerned about?


      Thank you in advance