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    Open ticket views

    Cathy Grant


      Let's say I'm part of a group that gets a ticket and each person in that group has to create an assignment for themselves.  I see this ticket under my view for the group and I see the assignment under "My assignments".  Now let's say I complete my assignment and close it out.  It will disappear from "My Assignment" view but will stay in the "Ticket View" until all assignments are complete and the ticket is closed.  Is there a way to get it out of my ticket view for the group, or a way I could make it look unique in the view so I would know I was all done with my part of the ticket?

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          Cris Coffey

          Since you dont want to see that ticket when your assignment is completed, you could filter that group out of your ticket view. You could also use formatting to color code tickets from that group if you want them to stand out differently, or group by the Group so you can see tickets grouped by which Group they belong to.