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    Running a ControlM Environment in a Business Critical Environment

    Michael Jankowski
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      I am looking for concepts to run Control-M EM and ControlM Server in a business critical environment. There are certainly some users in the community who run their ControlM environment in HA. I am interested in the following topics:

      1. on which operating systems and which databases do you run the HA environment?

      2. which ControlM components are installed on which server?

      3. do you also run BIM. SLS, WCM and Archiver under HA? If so, what is the concept here?

      4. do you already have the ControlM API integrated and if so, how is this conceptually implemented?

      5. what experiences have you made here with the concept development, the support by BMC and with the implementation of HA?

      6. are there any tips and hints for the HA implementation? 

      7. did you already have failures and how did the automatic takeover of the processing works? Were there any problems and what were they?