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    Deleting SQL log files for ARSystem Database

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      Hi All,


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      I required some information about the log files generated for ARSystem database in one of the server. this is standalone server where i have ARS+ITSM+Tomcat+SQL.

      on this server i am facing storage crunch and i can see that there are SQL log files which are occupied huge space on the disk.


      These files are residing in Drive where ARSystem installted, in my case the folder name is SQL Installers - > root -> MSAS11.BMCDEVSQL ->Reporting Services->Log files and there are other log files also which are there in other folder rather than Reporting Services.


      is it safe to delete these Log files from the System ???


      I checked the location of the SQL installation and it is the same folder as i mentioned above.


      so now i want to delete the below files:-


      F:\SQL Installers\root\MSAS11.BMCDEVSQL\MSSQL\DATA       under this directory i can see below database files:-

      ARSys     -> This is the database

      ARSys18   -> This is the Database

      ARSys18Log   -> This is the log file

      ARSyslog   -> This is the log file



      now i can see that ARSys18Log and ARSyslog  taking a lot of memory. Is it safe to delete these files from here ??


      Thanks in advance.