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    EM client disconnecting

    Tom Bruylandt
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      Hi ,

      since we upgraded to V9 we're having issues with em-clients.

      The clients disconnect regularly (all active clients simultaneously).

      We suspect it's related to BIM because issue doesn't occur when BIM is deactivated.

      Did anyone have the same issue before ?


      Regards Tom

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          Andrew Wong

          Hi, Tom.


          It sounds like the Gateway or GUI Server/GSR is getting knocked out, or there's a ports problem. Suggest opening a BMC Customer Support case to get their help. Meantime, there are some places you can check to get more clues:

          • Do any EM services go down (e.g. GUI Server) in Control-M Configuration Manager when the clients disconnect?
          • Are there any files with relevant messages in your EM's log directory?
          • Are the disconnections random or cyclic?


          Note: We haven't had any client disconnection problems since upgrading to v9.0.18.100 (from v8), and we're not running BIM.


          Good luck, let us (the Community) know how it goes.



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            Robert Stinnett



            Have you checked with your security folks to see if they are doing any type of port scanning of the network?  We've seen this before where security scanners hit the ports reserved for the EM and client connections and *bam* take things down.



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              Tom Bruylandt

              BMC suggested to increase to memory of EM-server to 32GB => issue fixed