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    Error in Business Rules

    Jared Niedzwiadek
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      Good morning,


      We are having a weird issue with our MAIN Business rule that controls incoming emails.  The rule still works but it is erroring out when trying to edit it.  The issue we are having is that we have it set to pull in Requestor but every ticket that comes in from email is coming in with a blank Requestor. I have a feeling that this error has something to do with this not being pulled in. Any idea what this error might be and why Create Record will not allow us to change to Ticket for Select Record Type?







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          Cris Coffey

          If it is one of the rules that came with the product, it can not be modified. If you want to change one, simply copy it, change the copy, then disable the original and enable the new one. Best bet to figure out the error quickly would be to contact support for assistance.

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            Jared Niedzwiadek

            Thank you Cris, I did copy this one out and it is the one that is giving me the error.  I will submit it to support.  Appreciate your response.

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              Brian Da Silva

              Could be an issue with Group permissions. What group are you logged in as when this error occurs? Is this happening on other logins as well?



              Brian Dasilva

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                Jared Niedzwiadek

                So far I have tried it on the System Administration group and it throws the error, when I log into one of my other groups it throws the error but I am able to edit the Create Record and choose ticket in the drop down.  When I change the entries inside the select/edit fields section it is almost like they reset but are still pulling the right fields.  It is very strange.  So even though we go in an we save the business rule, if we go into to edit it again, we get that initial error I posted and then our options look like they were never configured they are saying Select/Enter Value.  We can renter the correct values, hit Save and it saves without an issue. Yet if we go back in to edit this rule it will look like the screen below, but yet the Rule still works.  This is not the only rule that it is happening on either.  It is most of them.




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                  Cris Coffey

                  That is very strange. Perhaps support can help determine what is going on with this rule.