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    LDAP Auth Errors - Did not switch to the right Data Center

    Edison Pioneer
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      A few days ago, users were not able to login viz LDAP.



      Multiple users started getting Auth Failed



      By default it’s pointed to DC1, however , if any issue arises it should had been pointed to DC2 and users should be able to log in seamlessly.



      That they were having issues with one of data centers DC1 whose IP is DC1IP (XXX.XX.XXX.YYY)



      Via Centralized Config, we tried to update Component Type: com.bmc.arsys.ldap.area, field AREA-LDAP-Hostname to remove ONLY that one IP. Still, getting Auth Failed. 

      Removed ALL DC1 IPs, leaving only DC2.  Then, users could get in via LDAP PW.  We saved plugin logs.



      So to remediate we removed all DC1’s leaving on Chicago. Then users were able to login via LDAP



      Expectation is - System should had switched all by itself to DC2.



      The attched log snipped is what I think may lead to the root cause.