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    Sub queries in views

    Matt Stringham
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      is there a way to show what report a sub query is part of when looking at the view?  For example I imported some reports but for some reason I did not import the views correctly and the views are duplicated.  For example go to Admin Console > Views and there are my 2 views:

      When I click on the 2nd one it has only one sub query to it but I don't know which report it belongs to:

      Click on Reports

      The reports tab is blank so select Sub Queries:

      I used a very generic term and I'm not sure which report the sub query is part of.  Is there a way for me to find this out?  I'm thinking if I can I export the report then import the report (sub query) into the correct view then I can remove the duplicate view.


      Any suggestions?

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          Abhay Bagalkoti

          Hello Matt,


          If the view update\replace is not required, then while importing the report, select the appropriate view, and replace the report.

          Before deleting the other view, make sure it doesn't have any associated reports.


          I suggest, take a backup of both systems for the report\view in question, and then go ahead.




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            Dale Bade

            What version are the screen shots from? I am trying to locate reports with sub queries for troubleshooting an issue and they don't seem to appear in the Reports tab on my Views. I found 3 sub queries on one Incident Management View, but I know that I have several using Change Management that are not appearing.




            Dale Bade

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              Matt Stringham

              This was version 9.1.03.  This has been awhile but I ended up backing everything up just to be safe.  I believe I did a search on the xml files to find the "Append 1" then determined from there what to do with it.