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    Open multiple tabs

    Cathy Grant
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      I want to open Assets and then open Help Desk and have them both stay open.  When I open one, the other closes.  I used Chrome as my browser.



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          Cris Coffey

          You cannot open multiple modules and have them stay open because the module selector will change to the currently active module each time. The main modules require a lot of browser memory and resources to show all the records, the grouping, the sorting, etc. so they are designed to be open 1 at a time.


          You can however, open a multiple assets while in asset management and then swap to help desk and open several tickets and they will all stay open in individual tabs so you can swap back and forth between them.

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            Cathy Grant

            thanks Chris - not ideal but I understand - maybe if I open Trackit twice in different browsers this will meet my needs