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    RSSO LDAP Integration - Can Authenticate but not authorize

    Ali Khoshkar
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      Hello Everyone,


      I have begun to setup multi-tenancy but running into a problem with AD integration.


      I began with configuring the default realm (*). Under Authentication, I enabled "Chaining Mode" and adding an authentication type (LDAP). I entered the Host/Port#, Bind DN, Users Base DN, User Search Filter, Identity Attribute, and Get All Users Filter.


      I tested the connection and it works fine. However I am still unable to login using my sAMAccountName belonging to a valid AD account. Am I missing something? Any ideas?


      EDIT: I also found that it imports some of my groups correctly but only a few of them. Not sure why or what is the deciding factor on what gets imported or not. Also, it imports groups but cannot see any of the members/users of these groups. Perhaps the reason is tied to why we can't authorize.



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