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    Override default CMDB menu

    Steven Seitz
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      I've built an attribute in CMDB with a menu, but later the requirements changed and now the menu associated with the attribute changes depending on the value of another field.  The question is, how to change the default menu when the value in field 2 is different?


      For example:


      Attribute1: 'Car Color' -  Default Menu: 'Matte Colors'


      Now, the project wants:


      Attribute1 'Car Color'  -  Menu: either 'Matte Colors' or 'Glossy Colors' depending on

      Attribute2 'Paint Style' - Menu selections 'Matte' or 'Glossy'


      I've got this to work in part - If you select 'Paint Style' = "Glossy", then I can replace the menu for Car Color and override the default for a selection.


      The problem I've found is that if I then re-open my form, Paint Style is 'Glossy', and I go to reselect 'Car Color', the default menu is still 'Matte Colors'.  I would need to reselect Paint Style=Glossy. I need the Car Color menu to look first at the Paint Style before showing me a menu.


      I've tried a number of combinations with my active link, but no luck so far.  I know I've tried 'window loaded' and 'on display', and a couple of other thoughts.  no luck. any ideas?


      Thanks in advance


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          Sinisa Mikor

          Have you tried using an Active Link defined this way?  To make it clearer, you could use two active links -- one for each menu; in that case, you wouldn't need the Else Actions, of course.


          Execution Options


          Field: 'Car Color'

          Gain Focus checked

          Run IF Qualification

          'Paint Style' = "Matte"

          If Actions (1)

          Change Field

          Field:     Car Color

          Menu:    Matte Colors

          Else Actions (2)

          Change Field

          Field:     Car Color

          Menu:    Glossy Colors

          Executing on Display should select required menu when "browsing" and executing on Gain Focus for 'Car Color' should select menu based on 'Paint Style' (regardless it it changes or not).

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            Steven Seitz

            Thank you, I finally got a chance to test this approach and it worked great.  Appreciate your kind assistance.