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    Stop hprof files from being created

    Edison Pioneer
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      Hi everyone


      I see that hprof files are created regularly in our environment and they occupy lots of space.


      What configuration changes needs to be done to stop them from being created?


      Do they serve any useful purpose?


      One thread[1] suggests to comment below lines in arserver.config and restart the services,














      Kindly advise so that I can save valuable space in my drive.




      References -  [0]java_pidxxxx.hprof and cs_server.out.xxx files are getting created in bulk on BMC Dashboards Server


      [1 ] https://communities.bmc.com/thread/138850?start=0&tstart=0#


      [2] How To Disable Creation Of Large java_pid****.hprof Files Generated By Tomcat In SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0/4.1

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          Harish Saitwal

          HI Edison,


          I think Hprof created when system have some issues .


          You have to analysed that hprof using any tool like Eclipse mat(Memory Analyzer tool) so we will get to know why causing hprof.


          once you identified and solve the issue i dn't think hprof will get generate.



          Harish Saitwal

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            Ashutosh Deshpande

            Harish Saitwal is right. Hprof files are produced when a java process goes out of memory. If you are seeing lot of such files, the process seems to go out of memory a lot of times. It may be an indication of server not turned properly. Either you have a lot of metadata or some other operation going on that needs a lot of data in memory. Typical max memory is 6 or 8 GB, so your hprof size will be similar. If that is the case, it's a lot of memory being used. As Harish suggested either analyze heap dumps via MAT or some other tool or create a support ticket with BMC for them to check why server is going out of memory, so that appropriate tuning can be done.