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    Custom Display Attribute Section

    James Yant
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      I'm looking to add a few additional attributes to our host nodes via the "addDisplayAttribute" function. Any other time I've used this to create custom attributes, it places the field under the "Other' section within the node. It would be preferable to have it shown under the "General Details" section. Is there any way to specify the section the field is placed within?

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          Bob Anderson

          Not with just addDIsplayAttribute.


          Is it necessary to display this data in specific areas for the host, or would reports showing this data be good enough?


          Much more is needed to place the attributes in different areas of the GUI display. 

          You would need write a taxonomy extension to do what you are looking for, but this is non-trivial work and is subject to change with future release taxonomy changes.

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            James Yant

            We would like to have the attribute visible within the node view but would rather avoid cluttering things up with yet more attributes unless we're able to organize them. A new field that can be displayed within reports is what we're ultimately trying to populate. Would the "_tw_meta_data_attrs" variable be a more suitable means of achieving what we're looking for?

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              Bob Anderson



              _tw_meta_data_attrs is the older form of the 2 functions: addDisplayAttribute and removeDisplayAttribute.


              addDisplayAttribute is a much safer way to add ad-hoc attributes to the display of various node kinds and removeDisplayAttribute is a much safer way to remove the display of attributes on various node kinds.


              None of these allow for the specific placement of attributes on the display page.  That can only be done with a taxonomy extension.

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