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    Approvals not getting displayed in DWP

    Abhijit Joshi
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      We have 2 environments of DWP 18.08 where the Approvals requests which are visible in Approval Central in ITSM, can not be seen in DWP -> My Activity. In the dwp.log, there are 2 statements which appear consistently but do not point to any specific failure


      13:09:21.542 | socialService-15               | RID: none | OpId: 285ab5cb-2978-42a1-9457-56e427 | ERROR   | c.b.b.m.s.s.a.BaseActivityStreamService | There was an error getting the missing tickets from approvals provider.

      com.bmc.bsm.myit.service.exceptions.ServiceException: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: com.bmc.bsm.myit.service.exceptions.ServiceException: com.bmc.bsm.myit.dao.DaoException




      13:09:51.688 | pool-7-thread-5                | RID: none | OpId: b3d2893b-a787-480e-a470-1e670f | WARN    | c.b.b.m.providers.ArServiceBase | Qualification parsing was not successful, falling back to client based parsing.

      com.bmc.arsys.api.ARException: ERROR (303): Form does not exist on server; MYIT:ChangeInterface


      The form MYIT:ChangeInterface doesnt exist on either of the servers. Is this a required component?