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    Using active directory import and setting self service access level

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      Goal: I want to provide department managers access to view the tickets created by their department


      Action Taken: Set the individual's self service access level to Department via the Requesters record.


      Problem: We are using active directory import which works perfectly other than the fact that it overwrites the self service access level everytime we do the import. I figured that maybe I could set some AD attribute to "Department" or something of that nature and map that over by configuring it in the directory importer field mappings but that seems to be failing. I even tried just setting the value to a static "Department" int he field mappings which didn't make a difference.


      Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong here or how others have handled this? I guess I could just manually create the users that are department heads and not import them from AD but I am not a fan of adding manual processes.

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          Ron Philpott

          We have the same issue when we run AD importer, which we do weekly since we hire/lay-off people on a seasonal need. I believe this has been noted by the team and is currently logged.

          "When importing data from an Active Directory, you cannot configure the Self Service access level for the user based on the Location and Department field mapping. - DRZOZ-12828" which I think is directly related to why each AD import overwrites/resets the setting in Self-Service. I am just thankful I only have a handful of people I have to go back and reset their Self-Service settings.

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