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    Approval processes for offline approver

    Angeline Law



      I like to seek advise if there is any tips or trick to help me with this issue that I have.


      Understand that the approval processes will not trigger when appointed approver is offline.


      To share the background, in my org, we structured our approval based on Queue for both service request and change while for service request there is another level based on request type.

      We have 90+ approval processes for change, while 90+ approval processes for service request that has another 10+ steps in each approval processes. If a person to be offline happen to be at the level where he / she resides in all the approval processes (be it 1st or 2nd or maybe 3rd level), I will have to edit almost 200+ times (may take about 2 - 3 days) to remove the offline
      approver before the account becomes offline. As recently for some audit reason, whoever going for block leave will have their account disabled, and will be enabled when the approver is back after their block leave. Thus for such reason, it is tedious to perform this on regular basis.


      Like to know if there is any way that can lighten my work due such system behavior. We are not able to make any changes our internal process of enabled/disabled account and also not feasible to redesign the approval processes or even decide who to be the approver and not to appear in all approval processes.


      I am looking from the system perspective if there is any idea or suggestion to overcome this with simple configuration that will not affect the current approval processes.


      Thank You.