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    Incident Counter Reminder

    Mohaned Eltyeb
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      Hi everyone,

      I'm using Remedy 9.1, and I want to create a reminder for the assignee in order to notify them about the assigned ticket when the number of assigned ticket exceed 10.

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          Sharvan Singh

          Approach 1 : If you want to do this only once when a ticket is assigned the do below


          You can create 2 filters on Modify


          First Filter :  run if 'Assignee'!='DB.Assignee'


          check the count for existing open tickets where 'Assignee'=$Assignee$. there are couple of ways to do this you can use

                         a) SQL query (select Count(*) from HPD_Help_Desk where Assignee='$Assignee$' AND Status < 4) in set field and store result to a temp field

                          b) Set Field Server option, select form HPD:Help Desk, Run if: 'Assignee=$Assignee$ AND 'Status'<'Resolved', and then use LASTCOUNT keyword                   to store count in temp field


          Second filter with execution order above then first filter : run if 'Assignee'!='DB.Assignee' AND 'temp'>10


                    Send an email


          Approach 2 : If you want to check this on intervals then can go with escalations