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    Developer Studio extremely slow for PROD server

    Miroslav Horvath
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      Hi. Two weeks ago I've experienced problem within Developer Studio. I have 2 servers, PROD and DEV/TEST. Remedy, RHEL 6, Oracle 12.1.

      On DEV/TEST when I load load Forms, Active Links, Filters, it's generally fast as usually. This means, to get the list of all forms takes 5 seconds, to get the list of all Active Links is about 10-15seconds. Opening particular Form, active link is immediate action, and also Saving the change is also immediate. Server is running in Cache Development Mode.


      For approx. 4 years, PROD server was running also perfectly. Loading Objects within Developer Studio were also very quick, maybe faster than on DEV server, cause the PROD virtual machine is running on SDD disks. Also, opening any kind of particual object and saving it was immediate action.


      But now, I'm experiencing problem. From the client perspective, the PROD server is running perfectly. It's a LINUX machine, 4vCPUs, 16GB RAM,  CPU utilization is around 5% and MEMORY is also OK.  When I want to open a list of Forms, it takes around 2 minutes to get the list. To get a list of Active Links, it's approx. 5 minutes. Opening a particular Form takes also some time, and some big forms HPD or CHG cant open because DEv studio hangs on.


      Do you have some tips/hints, what to check and where to look that it is soo slow within Dev Studio ?