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    How do I set up Server Groups in my Production and Business Continuity Data Centers?

    Barry Lindstrom
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      We recently failed over from our Production to our Business Continuity Environments.  Both are running 9.18.08.  We have 10 servers in each environment.

      Upon startup of the BC servers, the system did not seem to recognize that our Prod Admin Server was no longer available and I had to manually update the configurations

      to flag the BC Admin Server as the new primary admin.

      Fortunately, we had only ranked 4 services Admin, Escalations, Email, and DSO. So re-configuring was not particularly difficult.

      However, the system did not work properly until I removed ALL production environment servers from the  ranking forms and restarted services on all 10 BC servers.


      I was thinking that, PERHAPS, I need to create a Named Server Group for BC and another for Prod and then somehow, tell each server to use ONLY on of the Named Server Groups.


      But I can find no documentation on this or any other procedure that can effectively react to the loss of a Data Center in the Server Group process.


      I want to pursue ALL the new capabilities of the Server Group Management Console, AFTER I get this fundamental issue resolved.


      Has anyone set up Server Groups for Business Continuity on their own set of multiple servers in multiple locations?


      Has anyone else attempted to configure/deploy what appear to be some quite remarkable Server Group Management capabilities?


      Is anyone aware of ANY Detailed Documentation on how to achieve Remedy Server Group Nirvana?


      Also, please be aware I have just upgraded all servers to v 9.19.02



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