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    Does archgid work with overlays?

    Thad Esser
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      Does anyone know for sure if archgid works with custom fields on overlaid forms?  I'm doing a 19.02 upgrade and one of the new views on the CTM:People form has a field id conflict with a field we added. I've actually never had to use this utility before, so maybe I'm doing something else wrong?


      This was my command (private stuff replaced obviously) and the results:

      C:\Program Files\ARSystem>archgid -c 2 -x <SERVER> -t <PORT> -u <ADMINUSER> -p <ADMINPASSWORD> -f 1000005694 -i 610000220 -s "CTM:People"

      Action Request System  Change ID Utility   Version 9.1.07 201902182039 Fri Apr 19 15:28:01 2019

      (c) Copyright 2002-2017 BMC Software, Inc.


      Set design and runtime overlay group to -2

        ** Updating field on form CTM:People

        **** Field name from command line is unrecognized

           * or is not a field

      Parameter verification failed at -  Fri Apr 19 15:28:03 2019


      I tried it twice - first as shown using the fieldid for the -f argument, and then with using the field name.  Same error.  The field absolutely exists on the form in the overlay, so I'm wondering if archgid just can't handle that?