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    TSCO 11.5 Questions for setting up ETL connector to Oracle DB

    Michael Rees
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      We've just upgraded TSCO 11.3 to TSCO 11.5, and being relatively new to TSCO I have a question about an ETL connector to an Oracle DB...


      I’m trying to setup an ETL connection to an Oracle Database, in the connection parameters for an Oracle connection there are two selections for Datasource type, 1. “Select existing datasource”, and 2. “Custom datasource”.

      Does this mean that I don’t have to create an External DB connection if I use Custom datasource? We’ve just completed a fully supported Oracle client v12.2 install, so I’m assuming all we need to do is edit the TNSNAME.ora file and make sure we can reach the DB?


      If this is the case then in what scenario would I need to use an External DB connection?