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    Trackit Client Management - admin account

    Philipp Ernicke
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      Hi Guys,

      Actually, I'm a BCM technician / consultant, but lately I get in contact with "TCM" more often.


      First of all I have to say that I think it's pretty bad that people are using Trackit >=20.18 do not get the BCM icon on their desktop during the installation. But I'm stunned by the poor documentation regarding access to the BCM Console. It is absolutely nowhere documented with which account this should be done.
      With the "administrator" account and the assigned password (Trackit installation) I can log on to the websites (for example https://trackitmasterip:1610/inventory) but with that account I can not log in to the BCM console.

      The default account for BCM is actually "admin" without a password, but this is also not accepted. After 3 attempts to log in, the account is locked. At least this proves that the console is set correctly.

      Until now, I did not know what to do. The only way I know is to set the password for "admin" to 'blanc' with the SSMS at the DB. Then I was asked at the first login to the BCM Console to assign a new password. It really can not be that!

      The whole Trackit-BCM story seems somehow half-finished to me (from the point of view of a BCM technician).

      Can anyone help me?

      I can not be the first to try to use the BCM "normally".


      Actually it would be good to give people at least the obvious opportunity to take a look BCM detached from Trackit. So far I have not had a single customer who was not enthusiastic about BCM and wanted to expand the scope (buy more licenses )


      Thanks in advance,