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    [Control-M][Job MFT] Documentation JOB

    yassine MEDIOUNI
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      My Control-m agent is running in 'LOG ON AS USER' mode

      i have an MFT JOB with a connection profile : SMB_HM+SMB_HM


      My issue :

      I can't display documentation job


      Error :

      5507 AGENT ENCOUNTERED ERROR ERROR FROM AGENT : the agent works in logon as user mode but the password for job owner 'SMB_HM+SMB_HM' is not defined


      Could you help me to resolve this issue ?


      Thank you in advance




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          Adriano Gomes

          Hi yassine MEDIOUNI


          Control-M Jobs type ^OS^ by default uses the account provided in the ^run as/owner^ field in order to execute the ^job/command/script^ and also to access the file/path provided as documentation.


          The process changes a little bit when the job type is related to any Control-M ADD-On, as by default the value selected on the Connection profileaccount is automatically added to the field ^run as/owner^ on the Job form and it is commonly the name of a control-m connection profile completely unknow at Operating system level.


          As You have mentioned, Control-M Agent is set to ^logon as user mode^ , I will supose it should be the Windows version and The  ^Control-M Agent Service^ is set to start as ^an specific existing loca/domain user^. 


          When The  ^Control-M Agent ^ is set to this scenario it will require the agent to authenticate the ^account/owner/run as user^ prior performing operations, even accessing the documentation.


          Summarizing, on Windows,  :

          1) Define the user at local or Domain Level which matches exactly the ^connection profile account^ name selected for the job definition or;

          2) Make the  ^Control-M Agent Service^ star mode as ^System^ account.


          On Linux, by default the  ^Control-M Agent installation owner^ account is used to get access on documentation files/paths and you can workaround by granting <ctmagent> owner access to documentation files at OS level for ADD-ON job types.


          Hope that it helps you.



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