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    POST Request From Postman to Innovation Suite Helix tailoring works fine, but it doesn't work from DWP to make POST Request

    Zi Sang
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      Dear Laurent Laurent Matheo,


      by using the JWT back, i can make a POST request succesfully in Postman to create a record, please see the screenshots below.


      However, after i built everything 1:1 in Digital workplace, i got the following error:


      Connector: Error occurred while requesting 'https://hermes-tailoring-is.onbmc.com/api/rx/application/record/recordinstance/'.

      Reason: [ERROR (149): A user name must be supplied in the control record]


      it works in Postman.png

      it works in postman 002.png




      Here are my screenshots from dwp:


      dwp 001.png


      dwp 002.png



      Do you know what's wrong? Thank you so much!!!!!


      Best regards,