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    auto assignment shift change reasignment question

    Emile Steenkamp
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      Currently we have the following shifts:


      Country 1:

      Early Shift

      Middle Shift

      Late Shift


      Country 2:

      Early Shift

      Late Shift


      Country 3:

      1 Shift


      I've created all the different business hour sets for each shift and auto assignment is assigning tickets as it should.


      My question is when a shift handover happens, how do the staff that is on the outgoing shift handing over to another shift do something do it auto assigns tickets to the new shift.


      Country 1 Late Shift is at end of shift and 5 people have 20 tickets each that needs to be put into auto assignment so it can auto assign 100 tickets to the staff that is on Early Shift of Country 2.

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          John Wisdom

          Hi Emile


          I don't know how you would do this "automatically" without having to touch each record to make some kind of change (like Status or Pending Reason or anything). Then maybe you could do it with a time based workflow rule + field update or by a Process Builder process.


          Have you considered having them take advantage of the Change Owner action in the console? It works great. For instance if I want to assign my assigned and in progress tickets to another team at the end of the day I can just go to my view, select the records, select "Change Owner", pick "Assign to others" and then pick the Queue or Staff. Mass reassignment complete!


          Hope this is helpful.