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    Virginia Leandro
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      How many of you struggle with clients or staff selecting the correct category for a given Incident?  Are you trying to drive this classification via templates or process builder?


      Virginia Leandro

      Remedyforce Product Manager

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          RemedyForce Deoleo

          Hi Virginia. For us, it's very important the categorization; we run a process builder to assign correctly the technicians after categorization.

          If RF can auto-categorization, please let me know

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            AnneMarie Goyvaerts

            Virginia Leandro we are merely using templates for staff (entries via console) and common tickets via self service, which are also templates.  Next to that, we have some queue auto-assignment config in place to get the ticket with the correct team asap.  But since these auto-assignments largely rely on the selected category, it does not help to pick the correct category. 

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              kedar zavar

              Nice topic -

              1. We expose First level to end users

              2. Dependent pick list would be ideal. If we can set Parent and child

              3. This will help agents too

              4. Todays challenge cant see whole path on ticket easily

              example if I select  Login error unsr SQL > Database


              Database > SQL > Login  on console we just see Login …

              5. Ability to select dropdown or make it dynamic would be nice


              Also please consider this if we plan to change the design

              Provide ability to set Queue on Category for Auto Routing Incidents (Out of box setting)


              Overall we do have users /staff selecting wrong categories which also impacts auto assignments and result in unwanted emails (wrong queue). Training seem to be the option to reduce this.



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                Paul Donders

                Hi Virginia,

                We do not use them at all in self service, only for selection of Service Requests. We use Service all over, based on account/client link people only see what they need to see.


                Leave Category only for displaying bundling SR's.


                (With some customers we sync Service and category in the back-end with a trigger)

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                  Eric Cobb

                  Hi Virginia,


                  I'm seeing more and more customers that are requesting auto categorization based upon email incident creation. We are utilizing Process Builder or Workflow to accomplish this, would be nice to add this with the same functionality as auto assignment of staff/queue.



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                    Lorraine Sanner

                    The problem with using templates is that the staff learn to use "favorites" and never update the category if it doesn't quite match the actual reason for the call or email.  I have Lead staff who complete quality checks on tickets and coach agents, but it's a constant battle to change this behavior.