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    AFT on zLinux?

    Michael Jankowski
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      Hi folks,

      Short question to the group: Did any of you install and run AFT on z/Linux?



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          Adriano Gomes

          Hi Michael Jankowski


          I am not sure whether you have handled this issue yet. AFAIK  Linux on Z platform is pretty much similar to what we are use to see on Suse and RH for Intel X86.


          Thanks to your question I have noticed that the Last AFT version which use to support Z/Linux was 8.00 and it is currently out of order according to BMC announcement.


          BMC - Sign In

          ..."BMC is announcing it will end support for Control-M for Advanced File Transfer on December 31, 2023. Version 7.x and 8.x reached end of support in July 2018. The only supported version is 8.2.00"...

          BMC - Sign In

          ..."BMC recommends that you upgrade to Control-M for Advanced Transfer version 8.2.00.xxx or migrate to Control-M Managed File Transfer."


          The fact is, accordingly with PAC Z/Linux is not supported by both 8.20.x and MFT as it used to be by previous versions up to 8.00.x


          Take a look.

          PAC for 8.00.00

          BMC Product Availability and Compatibility


          PAC for 8.20.00

          BMC Product Availability and Compatibility


          I have not noticed anywhere over the release notes the drop of support for those platforms and for  9.0.19 MFT Z/Linux is not listed. BMC Product Availability and Compatibility


          I hope it helps enlighten you . Please double check with BMC Support Team and share with us.


          My Best



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