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    Max Ahlsén
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      Hi, I have 2 questions.


      1. Is there anyway that you can change what tab that is default on the right panel in Work Space? Today it´s set to Synopsis but i would like Documentation?


      2. Is there anyway to remove the logging to Action Report, Control-M is slow every time i do Action in Work Space due to my action is registred to Action Report



      Max Ahlsén

      Operations Bridge IKEA IT

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          Adriano Gomes

          Hi Max Ahlsén



          As of your questions:

          1) I am not sure if I was able to understand your request correctly.

          You can have easy access to Control-M documentation from within work-space when in planning domain at the bottom of JEF like the screen below. "More Info", you may have hidden it eventually.

          In order To turn it on/off is just checking "Show Display Help Bar on Definitions Window" from Job Properties section on "Option"Menu.

          lastly, You can also access the documentation from "?" or better add whatever useful links you may wish to "myWelcomePage"


          2) Yes there is.

          The Control_M EM Windows GUI Clients comes by default with "All Actions" and Notifications checked and you can uncheck then one by one.

          Also, the retention from Action Report logs can be reduced to minimum.


          ir order to access the "Options" Config menu. pls locate the hidden menu by selecting "File" like below and look for: 

          a) Advanced, to control the retention lines

          b) Confirmations, to one by one uncheck the undesired Confirmations and Notifications.



          I hope it cover ALL your needs.


          My Best



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