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    1-time checkbox - is there a way to uncheck a checkbox through an application integrator step?

    Rob Fries
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      I am automating various business jobs with a standard AI ( Application Integrator ) job type we created and was wondering if there is a way through an AI step to uncheck a checkbox after the job is run.  the scenario being:


      - the automated AI Job runs on schedule when conditions are met

      - the job fails and sends an alert notification

      - this type of job may be rerun after something is fixed OR 'rejected' by rerunning with an argument 'reject', and we only want it to be used once, then reset to no arguments

      -- instead of remembering the arguments and adding them to the command; then saving

      -- then rerunning the command

      -- and remembering to remove the arguments AFTER it is rerun; and saving

      ** IF the operations Team could simply check a 'reject' box and when the job runs, it will automatically uncheck the box this would simplify the action



      Is anyone aware of a way to do this?


      Currently I am un-setting or resetting other parameter types by:

      - if the parameter is set or set to a specific value

      -- echo output like (yes, that is "Parameter:<space>")

      echo "Parameter: \n"

      -- capture output after "Parameter:" and handle the output by setting Parameter to the <space>


      this clears the visible parameter setting in the client GUI.


      I am basically trying to do the same thing, except for a checkbox; resetting it to False.