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    SLM Building Custom Qualification - How-to

    Edward Harrison
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      In the process of developing a Process Guide/SOP for my organization on how to set-up the SLM module to properly manage SLAs.

      The User Guide for v8.1 does not provide the necessary screenshots to guide me through the process.


      I was able to work through the User Guide to gain some familiarity with the module and document some of the processes.

      But, I ran into an issue with Building Custom Qualifications.  Looks like there is certain criteria for building those qualifications, but I can not seem to pinpoint a instruction guide on how-to build the qualifications.


      Plus, I was unable to find any information on how-to build the hierarchical Folder structure in the left side panel of the module.
















      Folder structure question:

      1.  How are the service targets and agreements assocated with the folders?

      2.  Do you 1st build the service targets, then build the agreements?

      3.  How are the service targets associated to the incidents?  Is that through building the qualifications?


      Ok, I think I'm done.




      Ed Harrison

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          Virginia Leandro

          Moved thread over the BMC Helix as this is a question about Remedy and not Remedyforce.

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            Matt Laurenceau

            Thanks Virginia, notifying Remedy ITSM practitioners

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              Hardik Desai

              Responses to your questions:

              1) Folders are just logical entity to maintain the Service Targets and Agreements, They have no barring on the functional aspect of Service Targets and Agreements.


              2) Correct. Ideally service target is created first and hence built first. However, if you select a Business Service while defining a Agreement, it will prompt for rebuilding related service targets of the agreement again as it would have to associate the selected Business service to the service targets. Rebuild of Agreement is only triggered or required for any milestone and action configurations and for no other updates.


              3) Service Targets are associated to Incidents via Applies To & Terms & Conditions qualification while defining a service target.

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                Edward Harrison

                Desai - appreciate the feedback and detailed guidance.


                Another portion of my question was guidance on "Building Custom Qualifications"


                See attached:



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                  Hardik Desai

                  Yes Edward Harrison The screenshot shows the correct form where you would define the qualification which would make the service target applicable on an Incident. It means when creating/modifying an incident if the qualification is true the service target would get attached to the incident, post that you Measurement qualifications (Start, Stop & Exclude) under the Measurement tab would further drive the service target measurement lifecycle. T&C are only to make the service target attach / detach to an application ticket.


                  The view in the screenshot is a customized form view showing limited fields based on assessment of most frequently used fields for building a qualification, however, clicking on the Custom Qualification check box at bottom right you can switch to the pure custom qualification builder where you can build a qualification using any and all fields available on the HPD:Help Desk form or the Incident form.


                  Hope this helps.

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                    Edward Harrison

                    Desai - thanks much!

                    I think I get what you are saying, but I ran into an error (see attached) as I made attempts to change some of the parameters within the form, so it would not allow me to modify the qualifications.  So, I was not sure I was entering in the correct info or not.  Hence the reason I was looking for a Building Custom Qualification gudiance document to ensure I knew what I was supposed to enter and how I was to enter it.




                    I'm consulting my Administrators to resolve this for me.


                    But, I think you are saying, once I select my criteria within the form, it builds the qualifications for me.  Once built, those qualifications will then link /associate the service targets to the Incidents, correct?


                    The User Guide provides an link to instructions for how to build custom qualifications, but when clicked, the link takes me nowhere.


                    User-Guide-Qualification Builder link.png





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                      Hardik Desai

                      Please point out the documentation link you are referring to so that we can fix if there are any broken links.


                      Please refer to below link for documentation about service target configuration : Introducing service targets - Documentation for BMC Service Level Management 19.02 - BMC Documentation , it also covers Terms & Conditions configuration.

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                        Edward Harrison

                        Desai - that's the point - link from the User Guide does not link to anything when I "Click on" it.

                        I did find the rules for how qualifications are to be entered, so I may not need that link to work.


                        I just thought that there was a "Building Custom Qualifications" Instruction Guide of something I I'm required to follow to get the Incidents and Sevice Targets associated.


                        But, after working with my Adminstrator and my permissions, may have given me the necessary access need to build the qualifications utilizing the T&C form.  I'll update you once I give it another try.