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    VMware Virtual Infraestruture Objects

    Greinger Longbotton
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      Hi all,


           We have a problem when we manage the VMware Virtual Infraestruture Objects. We have several VM Templates allocated in diferent Datacenter and the problem is that all the templates shows the same datacenter information but it´s not true. We change the template name and we can verify with a not duplicated name that the information of the datacenter field is correct with this change.



      Could anyone help on this and if BladeLogic supports the duplicate template names?



      Our BMC BSA is 8.9 SP2 on RedHat OS.



                      Kind Regards

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          Matthew Ragland

          Adding and configuring a vCenter AMO - Documentation for BMC Server Automation 8.9 - BMC Documentation


          Set the following properties for the new Connection instance:


          Enter the web URL of the SDK of the vCenter server (for example, https://<vCenterServerName>/sdk).

          : This name should match the VMware vCenter server name registered in BMC Server Automation.

          CONNECTION_USEREnter the name of an administrator of VMware vCenter, or another user with required privileges.


          If you need to provide a domain name with the username, enter it here as <domainName\userName>
          CONNECTION_PASSWORDEnter the password of the user that is mentioned in the above property.
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            Greinger Longbotton

            Hi M. Ragland,


                            The VCenter where we are connecting is a physical Server with RSCD Agent installed. The information that you are referring is related with a VMWare vcenter Virtual Appliance through Agentless connection so it´s not valid for us. Anyhow, as you could see, the connection is established with the Vcenter and we retrieved information from it but as I said if the Templates have the same name in all the EXS Cluster, this information field has the same value for all the templates.


                            Mark in yellow the propriety field with incorrect information when the Template has the same name in several ones.



            Thank you.

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              Bill Robinson

              it doesn't seem like it's handling the duplicated template names properly, i'd open a support ticket.

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                Greinger Longbotton

                Hi all,


                                I just found a workaround about the Template cluster information when we select it to create a VGPJ. We can select whichever Templace that is allocated on the Vcenter and customice the job with the proper information about the cluster and the rest of the custom OS parameters.


                We can select the Target for Virtual Guest* Value from the vcenter on BladeLogic Agent inventory object for vmware:


                So the job allocates the information on the correct VMware Cluster and the job allocates the VM on the correct ESX site.


                Hope that this information could help for future queries.


                Kind Regards

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