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    Need to prevent Activity Log from being added to closed REQ ticket.

    Edison Pioneer
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      Hi fellas,


      When SR is manually set to Closed, the associated REQ is also set to Closed, and we CANNOT add Activity Log which is working as expected.


      But when ARESCALATOR sets SR to Closed, the REQ is staying in Completed state, which allows user to add Activity Log.  Found if try to re-open REQ with a closed SR, it will allow to add Activity Log, and this will make the SR close.


      What we wish to accompalish right now is to make sure that Activity logs won't be added to closed REQ ticket, at all.


      As per the WO Configuration Rules form, its set to 10 days Auto Close for Global.


      Kindly guide me here.


      Thanks in advance for any help you could extend.