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    Query on trigger and dashboard

    Nikhil Shetty
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      Can we aggregate  ( add up ) the value from 2 different api attributes  and set a threshold on top of it to generate an event  and also show it in the dashboard


      Eg -     

      1)We have two DataPower devices

              Device abc   and Device xyz

      2)We have a common API named ‘Confirm_order’ on both of the above devices

      3)The value of  attribute ‘MessageCounts.oneMinute’  for ‘Confirm_order’ on device abc and xyz = 2

      4)Can we add both this values 2+2 = 4  and set an alert condition as if MessageCounts.oneMinute < 4 for a duration of 10 mins then trigger an alert.

      5)Also is there a possibility of representing this aggregated value in a trend chart or dashboard.