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    Mapping 3rd Party servicedesk tickets into object field

    Gary Jackson
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      i am fairly new to Remedyforce and have manged the basics of flows and filed sets etc.

      but i am having a problem with the below scenario.


      our organisation creates incidents from our clients emails, on occasions we have to log the incident to a 3rd party servicedesk.

      now i want to keep all the email trail with in remedy i.e we forward an email with in the incident to the 3rd party.

      this creates an auto email from the 3rd party servicedesk.  the email always has the subject Call Logged - Incident: XXXXX.


      how can i link the number in the subject (XXXXX) to my 3rd party custom field that i have created.


      i mapped the field but i presume it would need the delimiter # and the 3rd party wont change there email, do i have to go down the route of  field update and templates?