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    Aging bucket sort order for charts

    Matt Stringham
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      I have successfully setup the aging bucket as shown here Calculate Ageing buckets in Remedy Smart Reporting 9.1
      Here is how I have it setup in my table:

      To sort by days open I had to create another calculated field "Sort Days" and hid it, I did it this way:

      I had to do this otherwise the order was not correct, 181+ days was in the 3rd column.

      However the issue I'm having is that when I create a chart the sort order is incorrect:

      Here is the chart type and columns used:

      The chart order is not correct, notice the 181+ days is not where it is in the table:

      I looked at "Axis" and selected Horizontal and changed the "Ordering" to Table but it still has not solved my issue.


      Is there a way to solve the sort order?  Will I have to create reference codes at the view level?  Any recommendations?