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    BCM Vs. TrackIt BCM

    Linda Kirkpatrick
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      Hi there!

      Can someone detail the differences between the full on version of BCM and what is included in TrackIt 2019.x now?

      I have a customer who is using BCM currently and looking to move to TI2019 and wants to know the impact of using both and what the pluses/minuses are.


      Is anyone out here using both BCM (Full Version) and TI2019?  What has your experience been?    Does anyone know of any documentation that covers this (I looked and cant find anything)



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          Cris Coffey

          Hey Linda,


          The 2 products are actually the same product. We bundle BCM with the new Track-It! product and enable Remote and Inventory functionality so that the features of the new Track-It! system are comparable to that of the old Track-It! system. We also expose some configuration options inside Track-It! to allow users to set up network discovery, audit and remote through the Track-It! configuration and in theory, never even go into the BCM console. This is done because 80%+ of our customers only need this level of functionality. That said, BCM is there under the hood, doing the heavy lifting, so customers who want/need other features like software deployment, patch management, compliance, etc. can purchase those licenses and extend their usage of that BCM instance.


          Now for your 2nd question, if a customer already owns BCM, then purchases Track-It!, they now own 2 copies of BCM and how they use/deploy that is up to them. We have some customers who need 2 different instances of BCM because they use them in different offices or locations but we also have customers who only need/use 1 copy of BCM. For customers in this 2nd scenario who end up with 2 copies they dont need/want, the easiest thing to do is point Track-It! to the existing BCM installation and then contact your account manager to request a consolidation of the licenses.  This will bring the licenses that came with their original BCM into the BCM for Track-It! instance. Then all they would need to do is swap out the license file in the original BCM install with the new BCM for Track-It! one which contains all the consolidated licenses. This "migration" requires a custom order in our systems and a signed order document from the customer, giving us permission to combine their licenses into the BCM for Track-It! license and revoking their rights to the old original BCM license.


          Going forward, as we continue to add more functionality to Track-It!, we will continue to add integration points to other features in BCM to make it even easier for customers to use the two products together.

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