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    Truesight create multiple additional Incidents on the same origin Event

    Stefan Telley

      Hi Everybody,


      I have a curious problem at customer site... Whats happening is,


      1. A new event arrives in the Maincell

      2. An Enduser creates via Remote Action a new INC in Remedy

      3. The new Incident Number has been set in "ITSM Incident ID" slot

      4. An Info Event will be generated with the same Incident ID, than the origin Event.. The Message slot contain this Information:

           msg='Incident Information - Infrastructure Incident for CI <servername> with Incident Id - INC000000000000001';


      Now after some minutes or hours multiple additional Info Events are created... And there are also new Incidents in Remedy. Every Event contain the same Information as before, but only ITSM Incident ID and the message Slot are different:

           msg='Incident Information - Inrastructure Incident for CI <same_servername> with Incident ID - INC000000000000002';



      Where are these additional Incidents coming from?


      We only have one Propagation Policy to Update the State of an Incident if it's event get close it should close the INC also...


      all other Propagation Policies are turned of. Even the Manual creation of INC via Remote Action is not done by a Propagation, but with a rule.


      So can someone explain me this behaviour?


      Thanks Yours Stefan