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    Business Hours for Queue - Round Robin Assignment

    Rick Sheets
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      We have a need to specify specific hours that Round Robin will not be active. I want to be be able to have Round Robin effective on all hours Except 3pm to 7pm. We have one person active during these hours and we'd like the tickets to go into the Queue normally.


      What would be the best way to accomplish this? I've tried created a separate Business Hours option but none of the Staff Members appear, unsure if this is the correct methodology.




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          Amit Jaiswal

          Hi Rick,


          Round Robin to staff happens when a ticket comes to a Queue.

          So if you set your Staffs with right BH (7PM to 3 AM) and (3 AM to 11AM) and (11AM to 3 PM) and configure Staff Auto Assignment with the BH checkbox.

          All all your "in" TZ in the Staff list for the Queues you serve or expect to be in round robin.

          This way, between 3PM to 7PM tickets will not go for round robin.