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    Is it possible to import root node key from multiple appliance into a cluster.

    Amrendra Kumar Singh
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      I have a scenario where I have to setup on cluster with three existing machines, let say:

      A – Have 100 host discovered.

      B – Have 50 host discovered.

      C – Have 50 host discovered.


      For me A will be cluster coordinator. If I must create cluster using these three machine and A will be cluster coordinator, it means that I must reset my other two appliances which mean losing all data.


      B have 20 hosts which is also discovered in C. Which means there are some common host in B and C


      I want to preserve the key of hosts on B and C which will help to assign same key after I discover them in cluster. This will eventually help me to prevent duplicate host creation in CMDB.


      What should be my approach for importing the root node key after cluster creation? Should take root node key backup from B and C then import it into the cluster?


      Can I import root node key file exported from multiple appliance into one cluster? Let say root node key from B and C into A?