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    ADDM deployment in Azure

    Jacek Szlaczka
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      Hey there,


      Is this document still correct? Deploying a BMC Discovery VA into Microsoft Azure - BMC Discovery 11.2 - BMC Documentation


      We've been trying to deploy the machine using the attached instructions, but I feel like it has one small error in this script:

      1. ConvertTo-MvmcVirtualHardDisk ` -SourceLiteralPath C:\temp\ADDM_VA_64_11.2.0.2_722067_ga_Full-disk-0.vmdk ` -VhdType DynamicHardDisk ` -VhdFormat vhd -destination C:\temp\Discovery_11_2_0_2.vhd

      I think that the -VhdType should be FixedHardDisk.
      Azure documentation:
      Create and upload a Linux VHD in Azure | Microsoft Docs



      • select Fixed size rather than the default (dynamically allocated) when creating the disk.



      However, when doing that, the VHD size grows from 5 to 55GB.


      Is this what's supposed to happen?