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    RSCD agent and AppServer with different versions

    Greinger Longbotton
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      is it possible for an specific version of RSCD agent (f.i. 8.9.02) to work fine with an appserver in a different version?

      Is there any documentation talking about that?



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          Davorin Stevanovic

          Yes it could work fine as long as the application server is higher version than agent. In your case if your appserver is i.e. 8.9.04 and agent is 8.9.02 everything except patching on windows would work (upgrade of windows agent is mandatory for windows patching to work due to version change in ivanti sdk).


          Again we recommend to upgrade all agents to appserver version in timely manner after AS upgrade.


          Some posts from before:

          RSCD Agent backward compatibality


          Something to note is that using the Application Server with RSCD agents that has higher version than the application server itself is not a supported configuration.

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            Bill Robinson

            certain features require certain rscd versions.  for example - for windows patching to work w/ the new shavlik sdk added in 8.9.03+, the rscd must be at least 8.9.03.  so while you can have a 8.9.03+ appserver manage 8.9.02 agents and do things like software deploy, compliance, etc - anything that involved patching will not work (touching the hotfixes node, patching jobs).  same was true for some of the maintenance window features added a while back.  so generally the appserver will work w/ downlevel agents but some features available in the newer bsa version may require a certain agent version.

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              Greinger Longbotton

              Do you have the documentation about it for version 8.9?

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                Bill Robinson

                I don't see a note about the downlevel agent support.  we can get one added.


                if there's a specific feature that requires a certain agent version, that's usually in the 'Release Notes' section, for example:



                Service Pack 3: version 8.9.03 - Documentation for TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.00 - BMC Documentation

                PatchingShavlik update OR Third-party software updates

                Shavlik version that is shipped with TrueSight Server Automation has been upgraded from Shavlik 9.1 to Shavlik 9.3. This requires that all Windows RSCD Agents that are used for Windows Patching are upgraded to 8.9.03. Windows Patching will not work with downlevel agents once the application server is upgraded to 8.9.03.


                or tls 1.2 support:

                Service Pack 1: version 8.9.01 - Documentation for BMC Server Automation 8.9 - BMC Documentation


                SecuritySupport for TLS 1.2

                BMC Server Automation now supports version 1.2 of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol for session layer security across the various communications legs between BMC Server Automation components.

                After installing or upgrading to BMC Server Automation 8.9.01, TLS version 1.2 is the default protocol for communication between the Application Servers and the RSCD Agents. Earlier versions of TLS are supported, for backward compatibility, in the following scenarios:

                • Existing communication sessions with agents that were upgraded to 8.9.01 continue with the current TLS version until the session expires, at which time communication is updated to TLS version 1.2.
                • Communication with agents of earlier versions (<8.9.01) continues with the existing default TLS version.
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