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    Orphan tasks not getting deleted

    Edison Pioneer
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      Hi fellas,



      I have an issue with which I am having a lotta trouble finding its root cause.


      Our Orphan Tasks are not getting deleted. I can still see one of them on my overview console. Its in staged status. These orphan tasks were creating during CRQ's that were closed prematurely.


      Investigation done so far -


      1) Referred to doc - https://communities.bmc.com/docs/DOC-65537 but we are on 9.1.04. We observed that the qualification which this article speaks of has already been removed in out prod dev studio.


      2) Realized there's an escalation that runs at 00:05 everyday that purges all the orphan tasks - SYS:CLN:TA@00:05-StartCleanup, but this obviously ain't working.


      3) Gathered logs. Found this.


      <ESCL> <TID: 0000964199> <RPC ID: 0000276386> <Queue: Escalation> <Client-RPC: 390603   > <USER: AR_ESCALATOR (Pool 1)  > <Overlay-Group: 1         > / Tue Nov 27 2018 00:05:00.9610 / Error while performing escalation action SYS:CLN:TA@00:05-StartCleanUp (Overlay Group 0) on form SYS:Application CleanUp for entry CLN com.bmc.arsys.domain.etc.ARException: ERROR (45145): ; The Actual Start Date and Actual End Date are required when closing a task. Please provide the Actual Dates before proceeding


      At this point of time, I am of the opinion that some qualification on some filter is creating this mess, and that the status of the task which is "staged" is somehow excluded from that qualification.


      How do we bypass validations, so the tasks can be purge?


      Any help would be highly appreciated.

      Memento Mori

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